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There are these days where we just want to escape our daily routine and throw it all away. It is those days where we need all the help we can, we feel alone and nobody understand us. Since you have all the power of the universe / god in you it is a simple method. Allow yourself a good old Energy Boost today


When I breath i can feel pure air slowly entering in my lungs… Air brings oxygen into our brain, muscles and cells, it makes us feel more relaxed. Conscious breathing is a simple ancient technique used by countless civilizations. Learn with us how to peacefully observe your breathing gaining access to unimaginable sights


Learning to focus on the now, will create more time to do “everything / anything” we wish, more quality time for ourselves. We will learn to be able to finish one task after the other, this is a fairly simple technique to learn and incorporate in your daily life, yet its higlhy efective- later on, multi tasking issues will be a memory of the past


The core of all. When we bless others we are automatically blessing ourselves. There are countless situations, people, flora, fauna even “things” and much more we can give our blessings to. Bless with a goal. “Blessing everything that is beautiful around you, will bring up everything that is beautiful within yourself” Jc

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At MAWAY it is important to us that you learn from our experiences. We have developed each and every one […]

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MAWAY has been designed to provide simple and effective ways to help you master your journey. It doesnt matter what […]

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